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Pilot project phase I
Pilot project phase II
Pilot project phase III
Intellectual Capital Reporting Toolbox
Intellectual Capital Reporting and Integrated Reporting
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Research and practice go hand-in-hand!

Definition of applied research: Deliver measureable and beneficial results to corporations meanwhile profiting from practical experiences gained. In this respect we implement intellectual capital statements in corporations and by applying our method we gain insight into practice which enables a continueous further development in the methodology.

Here you'll find informations on development and implementation projects of the research group "Arbeitskreis Wissensbilanz"

Pilot project - phase I  compirses the development of the methodological framework,  the first guideline and the testing of the method in 14 German pilot componanies. 

Pilot project - phase II  aims at the skills of moderators, users and mulitpliers to push forward the idea of intellectual capital statements in Germany.

Pilot project - phase III  will combine the actual experiences and scientific evaluations, resulting in an extended version of the intellectual capital statement guideline.

Intellectual Capital Reporting - Toolbox is a software application supporting the implementation process of intellectual capital statements in SMEs.

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