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Structural model
Procedure model
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The practice oriented and systematic approach assure economic benefit!

The methodology of the research group "Arbeitskreis Wissensbilanz" aims at strengthening the core competencies and the sustainable value enhancement of companies in the  knowledge based business environment. A clear structure and a modular proceeding concept assures the orientation on business success on the basis of corporate specific performance indicators.

Overview provides all relevant informations on the intellectual capital reporting method .

Struktural model illustrates the methodical framework of the research group and shows the main elements of intellectual captial reporting an their correlations.

Procedure model discribes the result-oriented  preperation of intellectual capital reports: The modular structure enables  to achieve the highest possible degree of flexibility.

Guideline summarizes the field-tested components and procedures of intellectual capital reporting in small and medium-size entities.

FAQ ("Frequently Asked Questions") provides up-to-date support to questions concerning the practical application of intellectual capital reporting.

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